Ashtanga Yoga
Pankaj Sharma began yoga at a very young age and has 15  years of learning and teaching yoga in India  He has studied yoga in parmarth niketant ashram 8 year where he learnt traditional hatha yoga  and sanskrit , mantras, Vedas,  in deep Hindu tradition, yogi life, culture,  chanting Mantras , meditation , after that  he study under many great yogi in Rishikesh he study in International Vishwa Guru Yoga & Meditation Institute, 6 months
Yoga Course from Ved Niketan Dham in 2015 and practicing ashtanga yoga in Mysore in Kpjay institute Mysore 2020 and 2022
He have been learning  yoga from different different teachers in Rishikesh and he’s been teaching yoga in different different school in Rishikesh Pankaj is well versed in Astanga yoga, hatha  yoga, pranayama Pankaj like to help students develops their skills so that they can achieve balance of mind and body, not only in physical but also leading to a mental and emotional healthy life.

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Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

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