Why M’enchanter?

A result of years of passion, education and effort, M'enchanter was established to recall the alchemy knowledge that has been forgotten from ancient times and to reveal the forgotten ones.


Why M’enchanter?

One of the most phonetically poetic language that can cause a melodic flutter in the heart, French.

Most of French vocabulary in English originates from Old French such as M’enchanter referring to “Enchant Me”.

M’enchanter represents a cultural mosaic by composing an exclusive portfolio from all around the world.

Wish bracelets inspired by Martenitsa from Bulgarian culture, whereby Martenitsas culturally represent good wishes on Grandma Marta Day which is celebrated as the arrival of spring on 1 March. It is a centuries-old tradition to give a companion a Martenitsa to offer best wishes.
1 March also my mother's birthday, also she comes from the bilingual culture of Bulgarian / Turkish. I cordially dedicated this section of the brand story to her... Thank you mom to everything also bring me to this world. God bless you.

Like the celebration of the arrival of spring, which spread from Balkans to all over the world,
M’enchanter brand aims to create an eternal Avant-Garde brand under the roof of mythologic, celestial and futuristic elements throughout the historical timeline.

A coalescence of both the ancient and mysterious past and the celestial and unknowing future.

All of our products are prepared from 925 silver, 18K gold and gemstones. It is prepared by hand. I produce prepared products.

Handmade with love.


Alemdar, Molla Fenari Sokak, Fatih/İstanbul, Türkiye

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