As a dedicated yogini, my journey began 11 years ago when I stumbled upon a Kundalini yoga class, and I was immediately captivated by its profound effects. This sparked my exploration into various yoga disciplines, leading me to regularly practice Hatha, Yin, and Power yoga under the guidance of esteemed teachers like Berra Sertel, Hakan Akturk, and Zuhal Ozyurt in Turkey.

Immersing myself in the yoga community, I participated in countless workshops, retreats, and women's circles. In 2016, I achieved my 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification accredited by Yoga Alliance at OmSiva Yoga Studio in Istanbul. I deepened my understanding of Kundalini yoga with revered teachers such as Guru Rattana, Irena Sorfova, and Semin Yalman Yilmaz.

Driven by a passion for community, I founded the "Find Your Yogi" platform in 2021, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among fellow yoga enthusiasts and instructors. Seeking spiritual enrichment, I delved into Buddhist Dharma teachings with Berak Yurdakul, leading to a transformative month-long residency at Kopan Monastery in Nepal in 2023.

Furthering my practice, I immersed myself in Osho Ashram, refining my meditation techniques. Recently, I earned a 500-hour Yoga Teacher certification from Om Shanti Om in Rishikesh, India, solidifying my commitment to guiding students with compassion and mindfulness, encouraging emotional balance and heightened consciousness.

My passion lies in facilitating holistic well-being, offering classes with a nurturing approach to self-awareness, empowering students to find harmony and mindfulness in their lives.


Bordeaux, France

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