Find Your Yogi App – How did we start?

 How did it start?  

The project’s seeds were planted during the first pandemic. Many yoga studios were closed and teachers were trying to have a better online presence while the world was transitioning into a new digital way of working. Existing social media platforms became an information overload without structure.

We found the solution, to create a space customised for yoga and to build a worldwide yoga community accessible to all.

Our website launched in September 2021, our Android app in December 2021 and our I phone app recently in December 2022

Today in structure you can search for local or online yoga teachers, studios, retreat centres, events and workshops or products by very specified filter criteria.

Imagine you are in Berlin and you are looking for a french speaking accro yoga class in your neighbourhood. This is now possible with Find Your Yogi

We are currently looking for investors to get bigger and get more accessible.

We promote only eco-friendly businesses and sustainable products such as ethically produced biodegradable materials, local products, and craftsmanships. We also collaborate with organisations supporting minorities. We want to create change in the world with yoga, touching people’s life’s in order to inspire them to live a more conscious and healthy life. Our platform and its underlying technology are designed to grow beyond time.

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