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A delightful lecture from Find Your Yogi teacher Xiao Lumen

Hi community of Yogis and Yoginis,
I’m delighted to share with you some insights that can transform yourself.
Yoga is life-changing!

The movements of Yoga are exceptional. Deeper than that, how I live Yoga, as an inner state, is the true magic. I am writing as a Yoga teacher, Holistic nutritionist, and energy sensitive. From ancient times, mastering body shapes has been the golden art of Yogis. They knew how to move with mindfulness. The movement in Yoga is called asanas, which can imply softness, stillness or strength of the body. If you want to truly understand, whatever you read, it is something for you to experience within you.I did gymnastics for more than 12 years, and reached national competitions levels. At 16 years old, I became a gymnastics instructor. So when I started yoga, I had some good basis and awareness of my body.

However, from my first yoga class, I felt how Yogic postures are so intelligent and deep! Paying attention to everything from little toes to the top of my head! It was incredible to even control the muscles of my face. Surprisingly, I learned something fundamental. To breathe. As I learned to breathe, my thoughts dissipated. I taught me to do both moving and sitting meditation. The master key to evolve.
Whilst the body is moving so intelligently, the mind is laser focused. The science of yoga proposes to give human beings to observe internal states. “The power of attention of mind, when properly guided, and directed towards the internal world, will analyse the mind, and illumine facts for us.” Swami Vivekanda ( Raja Yoga)
Movement is natural food for the body. It is life in essence.


Postures of Yoga to balance modern issues: a survival need.
Modern life is killing millions of people because of too much stillness: sedentariness. Specialists like doctors and scientists agree on the fact that stress is the major cause, nearly 80% of deaths. How does stress kill us? If not managed, stress leads to cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, burn-out, depression, inflammation, and the list goes on and on. It can cause any disease, whether they are psychological, or physiological. Disharmony can occur at different levels, such as eczema, digestive problems, eating behavior issues, or problems with sleep. Thankfully, we can avoid these troubles, and heal them. We have the power and the will to overcome our suffering.
Yoga is a method that can be considered as a practice on the mat, as well as a way to be.

Powers on the yoga mat
As you step into a yoga classroom, you grow. Entirely. The asanas practice dates back from 4000 years ago , and evolved throughout history. In this modern era of yoga, everyone can find a postural yoga style that suits you. ( Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga…) In these yoga classes, the main focus is on asanas. Some teachers will blend with other aspects such as philosophy, spirituality and chanting. The physical benefits are numerous, to name a few ones here: muscles toned, joints and bones strengthened, flexibility improved. As you feel the body light, so the mind is.

You finish the class happy, calm, open to a loving attitude.
When you step on the mat, it is also a communion with the divine life running through your veins. You can feel the pulsations of your heart. Precisely guided, you are attuned with every breath. It is a space where you just are alive. You just are. Now. This moment when you are alone in this space, it makes you more self-sufficient, independent.

Somehow the transmission with a teacher, and students – if you take a group class is magical. You connect with like-minded people even if you are not talking to each other. You do everything together. You can be one. One movement. One breath. One voice. (if you sing!) When we refer to the guidebook of Yoga the 8 limbs of Patanjali, that descript 8 steps, or more accurately pillars of Yoga. Asanas is only one out of 8 limbs.

When doing postures, you can learn to slow down. Be in a passive approach. Become aware of your inner being. Yoga Nidra is not like any other kind of practice. It is an altered state of consciousness. Transformative and deeply restorative. Because it is touching you, deep within. In my experience, Nidra is the most powerful practice. You will need more time to come out of a Nidra practice, than a sweaty vinyasa class!
It is good to keep in mind that sitting crossed legged (or lotus pose) is also an asana. And Savasana (meaning corpse pose), lying on the back is one pose. Who is not able to do it? No one.
Yoga is for everyone. In the origins, the asanas are designed to help to clear the mind and be ready for meditation – I mean seated meditation.

Inner balance
Indeed, it improves your balance on one foot. Your proprioception. An asanas class can be playful.
You enjoy new postures with the body and the gaze. As you continue to breathe mindfully, the inner alchemy is changing. Special postures, or news movements or transitions create new connections in the brain and energies. It develops creativity.
You also balance your hormones and energies. Right and left hemispheres, hormonal glands, feminine and masculine energies. You learn to distribute the energy within your body. Relax where needed. Doing conscious movement puts human beings into a meditative state. Where you contemplate life. You are life.
Pranayama ( breathing techniques) are energising and calming exercises. They should be taught in a Yoga class, but they can be practiced separately from asanas. Be focused on the breath is an excellent way to focus the mind and be prepared for meditation, which is a work of concentration. Scriptures recommend to perform pranayama daily, like any yogic practice. The respiration plays a major role to connect the thoughts to the body. The mind can be quiet. Yet, you feel alive. It is bliss.
This discipline gives you energy. Vitality force also known as prana or chi. Subtle sensations can arise, nearly mystical. Yoga is one pathway that teaches you to connect to your intuition, your protective inner voice that can guide you.

Interconnection of internal and external words
It was a revelation. I was revealing to myself. I had no time, no space to think about my daily troubles. In my first class, some words touched my heart. I finally heard someone telling me “do what you want”, with sincerity. I kept repeating this sentence in my life.
Asanas open the door to consciousness. You understand more about who your personality. How you move is a reflection of your daily behaviours, especially at the beginning of the practice. Whether you are pushy, or backing off from postures, it can be the mirror of how you usually act at work, with your relationships, included with yourself. When you notice your disturbing habits, you have the choice to change them on the mat or in your life. You can evolve. When you cultivate to be at peace or do something that you thought you were not able to do, you build confidence. You are proud of you. You cultivate equanimity, the ability to be calm whatever happens.

Be a human being
We all are human beings, with similar problems. If we see Yoga as a state of mind. A way to be, you live in a new perspective.
Many anthropologists’ articles start with this fundamental description “human beings are social animals” and many philosophers will agree. As we practice on the mat, it is a time for yourself, so you can go back to the world. More pure, calm and present. “Everything is interlinked” as David Bohm said. Which is true in all dimensions. When you connect to your heart, you connect to other’s heart. You improve your relationships with human beings, and with everything – plants, animals, minerals, elements, Nature.
As you learn to take care of yourself, you are happy when you take care of others. It is a universal altruistic emotion. You realize your responsibility towards the environment. You understand others with more ease. See beyond names and religions. You can be more sensitive to touch and every
sense. If you want to break limits and let go of other’s expectations, Yoga is an exceptional pathway to guide you towards liberation.
Thank you for reading me and sharing this journey together,
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